This is the root of the of the EnvisionWeb client component.

Assuming that the EnvisionWeb client component has been imported into the variable cee, members of the global module may be referenced using the cee prefix, e.g.:

var myVec = new cee.Vec3(0,0,1);
var mySession = new cee.CloudSession();

The global component contains general classes like Viewer, View, Model, Overlay, etc. It also has all the base classes like Color3, Color4, Vec3, Mat4, Ray.

The following sub-modules exist:

  • Remote Model (cee.ug): Remote Model supporting a full post processing session with a model on a remote server. The CAE model with its results is kept on the server and only the data needed for displaying the model is progressively streamed to the client. Handles FEA and CFD models, and has features like isovolumes, particle traces, cutting planes (all computed on the server).

  • Unstruct Surface Grid (cee.usg): Client side (in browser) FEA model for surface elements. Suited for streaming/monitoring as well as transient animations with very fast updates. Supports all result mappings (per node, per element, per element node), all result types (scalars, vectors, displacements and rigid body transformations), all draw styles (surface, surface mesh, outline, lines, points), multiple states, adaptive geometries. Supports any number of nodes per element.

  • Geometry (cee.geo): Client side (in browser) geometry model capable of handling a very large number of parts (300k+) with very fast updates when changing part settings.

  • Markup (cee.mrk): Markup model with support for rendering labels and more simple geometry. Useful for creating annotations and other markup of the 3d model.

  • Utilities (cee.utils): Various helper classes for the components above.




  • arg (any) –

Return type




Set a custom code assert failed handler.

Return type


If specified, any failing assert conditions internally in the CEETRON Envision Web code will trigger this callback.

If not specified, the failed assert will be logged and then an exception will be thrown (potentially stopping the app).