Export SCS Module






Detailed Description

group a3d_publishhtml_scs_module

(HOOPS Publish Advanced) Structure and function to write a ModelFile as a SCS stream cache file.

SCS is the Stream Cache Single file format used in HOOPS Communicator to hold the representation of a CAD model. A SCS file is later expected to be referred by a HTML file. This format stores the tessellated geometry, the assembly tree and all non-tessellation related data: PMI, views, user attributes, etc. Also, exact measurement data can be optionally added to the SCS file to store geometrical information useful for measurement tool, such as cylinder and radius data on faces or edges. This measurement information can take time to be computed and should only be added on purpose to handle measurement scenarios.

Function Documentation

A3DStatus A3DAsmModelFileExportToSCSFile(A3DAsmModelFile *pA3DAsmModelFile, const A3DRWParamsExportScsData *pParamsExportData, const A3DUTF8Char *pcScsFileName)

Writes a model file to a physical file in SCS format.

This function writes the A3DAsmModelFile entity to a SCS stream cache file. (see Export SCS Module).



  • pA3DAsmModelFile[in] References The A3DAsmModelFile to be exported

  • pParamsExportData[in] References the parameters for export.

  • pcScsFileName[in] References the path of the file into which the function stores the model file.

Return values:

  • A3D_WRITE_CANNOT_LOAD_WRITER – if libprc2sc dll cannot be loaded

  • A3D_WRITE_HTMLCONVERSION_FAILED – if conversion execution failed

  • A3D_NOT_AVAILABLE – if called on unsupported platform



A3D_SUCCESS in case of success or an error code