HOOPS Publish 2015 Service Pack 1


  • Slide tables may now make use of vertical scroll bars. See A3DPDFDefineSlideTable2.

  • Tables can now be defined with cells of different sizes

  • A new data structure is available which provides settings for cross section properties. See A3DPDF3DArtworkData2::A3DPDFSectionDisplayData. The fields in roughly correspond with the “Cross section properties” dialog box of Acrobat.

Functional Changes

  • HOOPS Publish now uses Visual Studio 2013. This means you need to include Visual Studio 2013 redistributables with your application.

  • Windows XP is no longer supported.

  • In Publish for Windows, these DLLs are no longer part of the package:

    • hioexchange1938.hio

    • hoops_mvo_mgk1938_vc90.dll

    • hoops_stream1938_vc90.dll

    • hoops1938_vc90.dll

    The files listed above have been replaced by a3dpostergeneration.dll.

  • Poster generation on Linux now requires glibc 3.4.18 or newer, but there is no change to the Linux package.