HOOPS Publish - V5.30 Changes

Interface Changes

PMI Cross-Highlighting

This is the ability for a user to click on a PMI in order to find the associated geometry. HOOPS Publish automatizes the developer task to reproduce this behavior by only needing to activate one Boolean. Only supported with Acrobat 11 and later. See the API reference for m_bActivatePMICrossHighlight.

3D PDF Views in Perspective Mode

HOOPS Publish now can create 3D PDF camera views in a perspective projection. Before that only orthographic projection were supported. See the API reference for A3DPDFViewData.

Table Support

Enhancements have been made to the table implementation. Now customers are able to define tables of very rich aspect, and precisely position any number of tables on a page. For more information, visit the Table Module in the API reference section. A usage example can be found in the ‘ResultsReporting’ code sample.


Poster Generation

Several issues have been fixed upon the poster generation.

Views and PMI Support

Several issues have been fixed regarding the treatment of views and PMI read from native files.

New Samples

Two new samples have been added.


Sample which demonstrates how to easily create a PRC markup using the API. This sample is using a set of C++ classes wrapping the HOOPS Publish API.


Sample which demonstrates the creation of tables on a PDF page. Also, some table cells can be clicked in order to activate some particular 3D views that present some specific PMI.