HOOPS Publish 2017 SP1

New Functionality

View and Interrogate 3D Models in a Browser

HOOPS Publish can now be used to load 3D Models in a browser without installing any plug-ins.

See Viewing and Interrogating 3D Models in the Browser in our programming guide for more information.

Create Advanced Widgets in PDF Documents Using Layers

New functionality has been added to create and manage layers inside a PDF. Objects such as pictures, text, tables, fields, and lists can be included in these layers.

Also, widgets like the tab panel can typically be created using this functionality. See the \ref a3d_pdf_layer_module “Layer module” in our API Reference or our new CMM sample for more information.


Data Model

We have made improvements to automatically initialize fields in PDF files that have been created using our Data Model.

Special Notes

Compilation update

const qualifiers have been removed from structure fields. This change may generate some compiler errors in your code and require some minor adjustments.

Packaging update

We now offer two packages on Windows for the following compilers:

  • Visual Studio 2015

  • Visual Studio 2013

Please note, the Visual Studio 2013 package will be discontinued in HOOPS Publish 2018 (to be released in November 2017).

We also offer two packages on Linux for the following operating systems and compilers:

  • CentOS 5.11 using glibc 2.5

  • CentOS 6.8 using glibc 2.12

The CentOS 5.11 package will be discontinued in HOOPS Publish 2018 (November 2017).

If you have any concerns with these changes, please contact our support team.