Supported Platforms

HOOPS Publish is available on the following platforms:



Minimum Supported OS




Windows 10

MSVC v142



CentOS 7 / Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 7
(glibc 2.17)
devtoolset 8 / GCC

Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime Requirements

Starting from HOOPS 2023, HOOPS Publish migrated its compiler to Visual Studio 2019 (previously 2015). Following Microsoft’s Documentation on binary compatibility, this change implies an update to the required MSVC redistributables.

HOOPS Publish being an explicitly shared library, the impact occurs at runtime. Any application running HOOPS Publish must have at least Visual Studio 2019 redistributable.

Format Support and Platform

CAD format support may be restricted in some platforms. Please refer to Supported File Formats for more information.

Using Other Operating Systems and Compilers

It is simplest and best if your application is compiled using one of the supported operating systems and compilers listed above. Other operating systems may work, but our testing is limited to the list above.

It is possible to use a version of Visual Studio for your application development other than the supported versions, although it is not recommended or supported. We have spot checked that this is possible during the testing of our release. Please remember that any issues will need to be reproduced using a supported operating system and compiler before being submitted to Technical Support.