HOOPS Publish 2016


  • PMI color may now be changed to a new color that you specify. This is especially helpful for situations where the default PMI color matches your background color. The Boolean field A3DRWParamsPmiData::m_bAlwaysUseDefaultColor controls whether or not the color specified in A3DRWParamsPmiData::m_sDefaultColor is applied.

  • New enum A3DPDFEEventActionType

  • New fields have been added to A3DPDFEEventActionType and A3DPDFTextFieldData

  • image1   New API functions

    • A3DPDFPageSetActionJavascript

    • A3DPDF3DAnnotSetActionJavascript

    • A3DPDFPageFieldSetActionJavascript

    • A3DPDFDocumentSetActionJavascript