HOOPS Publish 2018 SP1

New Features and Enhancements

  • A C++ interface has been added for HOOPS Publish. This is the first release of this interface and it should be considered as a fully supported pre-release of the code. One of the first main use cases for the C++ interface is to enable and allow the update of a HOOPS Publish version without having to recompile your application. This C++ API will continue to be developed in future releases to make it easier to develop and build your application.

  • New function \ref A3DPDFDocumentAppendPageFromPDFFileAndSuffixFields() Appends new pages from a PDF template to a document, with the possibility to rename all form fields to avoid PDF conflicts.

  • New member: \ref A3DPDF3DArtworkData2.m_bDisableJSForInitSetView Disables addition of CameraEventHandler JavaScript on default view. This is useful for PDF files that have to be edited with Acrobat to modify the default view.

  • New flag \ref kA3DPDFSaveCopy for function \ref A3DPDFDocumentSave() Save a copy of the document. If this flag is not used, the file is locked until \ref A3DPDFDocumentClose() is called

  • A new sample CreatePRCCubes replaces both previous samples CreatePRCMarkup and PublishPRCCube This sample is available in both HOOPS Publish and HOOPS Exchange, and demonstrates how to define PRC data using API functions.

Functionality Enhancements

Notification about the \ref A3DMiscReferenceOnTopologyCreate function. Creating a \ref A3DMiscReferenceOnTopologyData on tessellated entities will not be supported starting with the next release (2018 SP2). Customers should consider using the function \ref A3DMiscReferenceOnTessCreate instead. Please refer to the new sample code in the CreatePRCCubes sample.

Fixed Bugs

Issue Number



Enables 3D PDF reports to be combined into single PDF document


A3DPDFDocumentAppendPageFromPDFFileEx causes uncatchable crash


Possibility to disable the automatic set of the default view by JavaScript at file opening


Enables saving the PDF document to a file without locking it


Reset color per view after PMI cross highlight