HOOPS Publish - v6.00 Changes

New Import Formats


Supported Versions



Note, in the current implementation PDF is not supported via the standard read API (i.e. A3DAsmModelFileLoadFromFile()). Instead Developers must first use the function A3DGet3DPDFStreams() to extract the PRC/U3D data from the PDF document and then provide this data to appropriate Exchange or Publish API. An example of using this API is provided in the samplespublishpublishsourceDemoFunctionalities sample.

Removed Import Formats




Interface Changes

Access to Full HOOPS Exchange API

Developers can now access the full HOOPS Exchange API in HOOPS Publish. This means they can fully query the B-rep definition of the model and request for the tessellation of supported import files. For full details on the Exchange API, including a Programming Guide, please refer to the HOOPS Exchange Documentation.

Ability to Query Form Fields

Developers can now open a PDF document and dynamically query the names of the form fields contained therein. Please refer to the <hoops_publish>samplespublishpublishsourceDemoFunctionalities sample for an example of how to use this API.

More Granular Control Over 3D Annotation Display Settings

New APIs were added to provide Developers with more advanced control over the display settings assigned to particular views. Much of this new functionality is used in the existing samples included in the media.