HOOPS Publish 2020 SP1

HTML Export API Changes

We changed the interface for HTML export on offline mode. Creating an offline single-file HTML output is now integrated into the API, thus removing the need for an external Python script. As a consequence, the script `convert_offline.py` which served this purpose has been removed from the development package. Please check our [Programming Guide](publish_view3d.html#MonolithicPDF) for more information. #### See Also - [Viewing and Interrogating 3D Models in the Browser](publish_view3d.html) - A3DRWParamsExportHtmlData::m_pHtmlOfflineData - A3DWebHtmlOutputMode

New Navigate to Model Feature

We added a new feature for your PDF interfaces which allows an associated view to focus on a selected model. This is done by providing the user with a checkbox wich enables/disable this automatic focus mode. For more information, see the `#A3DPDFCheckBoxSetForFitSelectedMode` function.

Option to Toggle Transition Animation

By default, transitioning from a view to another is animated by your PDF reader. It is now possible to deactivate the animation with the new `#A3DPDF3DViewListEnableViewTransitions` function.

Bug Fixes

The list of fixed bugs can be found on [the fixed bugs page](fixed_bugs.html).