HOOPS Publish 2019 SP2

Improvements in Fonts and Text Management

We made improvements in how fonts can be used, allowing the use of system or installed fonts. Check out [our page layout section](publish_inserting_data.html) in the Programming Guide: - New enum value for \ref A3DPDFELanguage: \ref A3DPDFELanguage “kA3DPDFLangAutoDetect” to avoid necessity of specifying a language and encoding. - Fonts for text strings are now always subsetted (i.e., all glyphs for characters used in the text strings are embedded). - New function: \ref A3DPDFFontCheck to check if a PDF font exists.

Embed a Video in a PDF

We added a new API for video embedding into PDF documents. To support video embedding, we’ve created a new entity: \ref A3DPDFRichMediaAnnot. With this object you will be able to customize the behavior and appearance of an integrated video. Two new functions are also available: - \ref A3DPDFRichMediaAnnotCreateFromFile generated an instance of \ref A3DPDFRichMediaAnnot. - \ref A3DPDFPageInsertRichMediaAnnot allows you to insert it in an existing \ref A3DPDFPage.

See also

  • [The Rich Media module](group__a3d__pdf__richmediaannot__module.html)

Controlling the Dash Pattern for Graphics

The new \ref A3DPDFDashPatternData structure allows a fine-grained configuration of the dash pattern when used in the following structures: - \ref A3DPDFGraphicArcData - \ref A3DPDFGraphicBezierCurveData - \ref A3DPDFGraphicCompositePathData - \ref A3DPDFGraphicLineData - \ref A3DPDFGraphicRectangleData

See also

  • The \ref A3DPDFDashPatternData structure