HOOPS Publish - v6.10 Changes


Animation Support

A new set of APIs has been introduced which allows you to define an animation. The animation interface is based on the industry standard key-frame methodology and the animation is embedded in the exported PDF as JavaScript code.

Semantic PMI Display in Acrobat Model Info Box

You can now request that the semantic definition of PMI data is displayed in the Model Info box of Acrobat or Adobe Reader if a markup is selected.

Embedded Image Support

A new API has been introduced which allows you to embed images in the PDF file. These images can be later retrieved for use in JavaScript. This functionality allows developers to implement advanced functionality like a carousel for navigating different views in a model.

Remove BREP Information in PRC/PDF Export

Developers can now easily remove the BREP definition prior to export to PRC or PDF. This allows developers to potentially sensitive information independent of the import settings.