Base Module

Type Aliases

A3DVoid (*





Detailed Description

group a3d_base_module

This section describes the functions you use to start, configure, and terminate a session with the library.

This section includes code samples that demonstrate how functions and structures are used. These code samples are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind.

Type Alias Documentation

typedef A3DVoid (*A3DCallbackAPITrace)(const A3DUTF8Char*, A3DUns32, const A3DUTF8Char**, const A3DUTF8Char*)

This callback function is invoked each time call to the API is made. This allows you to check every call to the API and write them in the standard output or apply any other treatment you wish.

Function Documentation

A3DStatus A3DDllSetCallbackAPITrace(A3DCallbackAPITrace)

Sets the callback function for API Trace.

If API Trace is enabled, the library will call the given function of type

See also

A3DCallbackAPITrace for each call made by client code to API functions.