CEETRON Solve/Access/Mesh Documentation

The successor of Visual Kinematics’ DevTools - CEETRON SAM SDKs from Tech Soft 3D - gets its name from its three major components: Solve, Access and Mesh. It is a collection of object oriented software libraries which provide methods in support of application software developers in engineering and science. The APIs of this first version have not undergone any changes with respect to the original DevTools.

CEETRON SAM SDKs currently consist of the following libraries. Namespaces in brackets are provided for convenience as a reminder of the DevTools naming conventions.

  • Foundation Modules [vsy,vut] - Foundation objects. Error handling, object collections, etc.

  • Global Modules [vis/global] - Managing solution domain and results data for an entire discretized mathematical model

  • CEETRON Mesh [vis/mesh] - Mesh generation. Mapped meshing, extrusion, 2D planar triangular meshing, 3D curve and surface meshing and 3D volume tetrahedral meshing.

  • CEETRON Access [vdm] - Data management for engineering and scientific applications. Interface to most commercial finite element data file formats.

  • CEETRON Solve [vfe] - Finite element formulations and material models library. Solid, shell, beam element formulations and supporting material models.

  • CEETRON Solve [vfs] - Finite element system solution library. Linear equation solvers, eigenvalue solvers, solution procedures.

  • CEETRON Solve [vfx] - Application level modules

  • Rendering Modules [vgl] - Graphics library. Hierarchical display lists, graphics device interface, software rendering, industry standard 2D image and 3D object file support.

  • Visualization Modules [vis/visualization] - Visualization algorithms. Contouring, isosurface extraction, streamline generation, curve and surface tessellation, graphing, etc.