Detailed Description

struct A3DPDFTextData

A3DPDFTextData structure.

Structure to specify a text line: content and formatting options (color, font used and font size). Specific to this function, the text provided is not in utf8, but is a char* with values 0x00 to 0xFF. The encoding of characters is specified as described in PDF norm annex D (“Character Sets and Encodings”). Latin fonts (Times, Helvetica, Courier families) are encoded with WinAnsiEncoding; character set is described in annex D.2. Symbol and ZapfDingbats have a built-in encoding; character set is described in annex D.5 and D.6.



Public Members

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcTextString

Content of the text string. Note this is encoded as char* and not utf8. It should be a single line text string (no carriage return supported).

A3DPDFEFontName m_eFontName

Font name of the text.

A3DInt32 m_iFontSize

Size of the font.

A3DPDFRgbColorData m_sColor

Color of the text.