Detailed Description

struct A3DPDFAnimCameraData

Structure grouping the camera characteristics.



Public Members

A3DVector3dData m_sPosition

Camera position.

A3DVector3dData m_sTarget

Target position where the camera is looking at.

A3DVector3dData m_sUpVector

Camera up vector. It should be defined so that it is perpendicular to the vector created between the camera and target position. A non-perpendicular up vector results in a view which is tilting when it is activated in the Adobe PDF Reader.

A3DDouble m_dZoomFactor

This parameter is only applicable for orthographic cameras. It specifies the part of the scene that can be visualized and inversely acts as a zoom factor with the following relationship: [zoomfactor=1/2*view_size], with view_size as the smallest size of the viewable part in the X or Y direction.

A3DPDFEProjectionMode m_eMode

Camera projection mode: orthographic or perspective. Assuming that it won’t change during the animation.

A3DDouble m_dFieldOfView

This parameter is only applicable for perspective cameras. It specifies the field of view as an angle in degrees.