Detailed Description

struct A3DMDDimensionCombinedToleranceFormatData

Structure that describes Combined tolerance format.

See also

A3DMDDimensionCombinedToleranceFormatGet, A3DMDDimensionToleranceFormatGet


for member m_iType:

  • 1: Numerical side by side,

  • 2: Numerical super-imposed,

  • 3: Resolved numerical side by side,

  • 4: Resolved numerical super-imposed,

  • 5: Alphanumerical single value,

  • 6: Alphanumerical side by side,

  • 7: Alphanumerical super-imposed.


for member m_dSymbolH: Ratio between separator character and value text font sizes

Public Members

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcName

Name of the tolerance format.

A3DInt32 m_iType

Tolerance format type.

A3DMDDimensionSimpleToleranceFormat *m_pToleranceFormat1

First tolerance format.

A3DDouble m_dExtX1
A3DDouble m_dExtY1
A3DInt32 m_iAnchorPt1
A3DInt32 m_iPtOnValue1
A3DInt32 m_iSepar_1
A3DMDDimensionSimpleToleranceFormat *m_pToleranceFormat2

Second tolerance format.

A3DDouble m_dExtX2
A3DDouble m_dExtY2
A3DInt32 m_iAnchorPt2
A3DInt32 m_iPtOnValue2
A3DInt32 m_iSepar_2