Detailed Description

struct A3DGraphRgbColorData

Utility class for manipulating RGB color data.

A3DGraphRgbColorData is a simple color structure made of 3 components:

  • Red

  • Green

  • Blue



Each component is a double floating-point value in the range [0.0 ; 1.0].

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HOOPS does not check for the validity of the components and setting values outside of that range may lead to undefined behaviour.

Global access

HOOPS stores color codes into a globally accessible container which lives until the library is terminated. Colors codes are identified by an index and the actual data can be queried using A3DGlobalGetGraphRgbColorData.

Public Members

A3DDouble m_dRed

Red component.

A3DDouble m_dGreen

Green component.

A3DDouble m_dBlue

Blue component.