Entity Access and Creation

Parent module: 3D Module

group a3d_entitiesdata_module

Collection of modules that create and access PRC entities.

This module contains the functions and structures for parsing and creating PRC entities. It includes modules for specific 3D entities (Structure Module, Topology Module, Graphics, and Feature module) and for helper PRC entities. Modules that describe such helper PRC entities include Root Entities Module (provides names and modeller data for PRC entities) and Global Data Module (describes an indexed repository of color and layer settings).


Drawing Module

Creates and accesses entities that represent drawing This module describes the functions and structures that allow you to create and parse Drawings.

Geometry Module

Creates and access entities that represent curves and surfaces.

Global Data Module

Accesses global definitions used by all PRC entities.

Markup Module

Creates and accesses markup entities.

Miscellaneous Module

Tools and common structures.

Representation Items Module

Creates and accesses entities that represent Representation items.

Root Entities Module

Creates and accesses root entities that can be associated with any PRC entity or with any graphics PRC entity.

Structure Module

Creates and accesses structural PRC entities.

Tessellation Module

Creates and accesses tessellation entities.

Topology Module

Creates and accesses topological entities.

Entity Types

Description of different types of PRC entities.