HOOPS Web Platform

What is HOOPS Web Platform?

The HOOPS Web Platform accelerates web application development, providing advanced 3D web visualization, accurate and fast CAD data access, and 3D data publishing software development toolkits (SDKs).


HOOPS Web platform combines the power of two products:

  1. …the best in class 3D web visualization powered by HOOPS Communicator.

  2. …reliable and robust data access and 3D data publishing with HOOPS Exchange and Publish.

If this is your first time, please see our Quickstart guide.

First important steps

  1. Download the latest package

  2. Setup your package

  3. Generate your license and set it in the package

  4. Run the provided samples

  5. Build a simple web app with HWP in easy steps

Learn and build with HWP

Learning resources