class HPS.WalkOperator : public HPS.FlyOperator

The WalkOperator class defines an operator which allows the user to accurately move the camera around the scene, while snapped to a plane. This operator is intended for walking through models that have a defined ground plane, such as a floor in a building. For models that don’t have a ground plane, Visualize will attempt to determine a ground plane heuristically. This operator works for both mouse and touch-driven devices.

Subclassed by HPS.SimpleWalkOperator

Public Types

enum Axis



Public Functions

override void Dispose ()
HPS.Plane GetGroundPlane ()
override string GetName ()

Returns the name of the operator.

HPS.WalkOperator.Axis GetPrimaryUpAxis ()
float GetWalkerHeight ()
override void OnModelAttached ()

This function is called whenever a model is attached to the view that is attached to this operator. If no view is attached to this operator, this function will not be called.

override bool OnTimerTick (HPS.TimerTickEvent in_event)

This function is called whenever HPS receives a TimerTickEvent This function moves the camera


true if the input event was handled, false otherwise.

override void OnViewAttached (HPS.View in_attached_view)

This function is called whenever a view is attached to this operator.

void SetGroundPlane (HPS.Plane in_plane)
void SetWalkerHeight (float height)
HPS.WalkOperator.Axis UpdatePrimaryUpAxis (HPS.Vector v)
WalkOperator ()
WalkOperator (HPS.MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger)
WalkOperator (HPS.MouseButtons in_mouse_trigger, HPS.ModifierKeys in_modifier_trigger)
WalkOperator (HPS.WalkOperator in_that)

Public Static Functions

HPS.WalkOperator.Axis GetPrimaryAxis (HPS.Vector v)