class HPS.UpdateCompletedEvent : public HPS.Event

The UpdateCompletedEvent class is the event that is generated when an update is completed Note: Updates happen on a per-WindowKey basis, therefore, EventHandler objects which handle UpdateCompletedEvents need to be subscribed to the EventDispatcher of the WindowKey whose update needs to be monitored. Example: myWindow.GetEventDspatcher().Subscribe(*my_handler, HPS.Object.ClassID<HPS.UpdateCompletedEvent>());

Public Functions

override HPS.Event Clone ()

Allocates and returns a copy of this UpdateCompletedEvent.


A copy of this UpdateCompletedEvent.

override void Dispose ()
UpdateCompletedEvent ()

The default constructor creates a UpdateCompletedEvent.

UpdateCompletedEvent (double in_update_time, HPS.Window.UpdateStatus in_update_status)

The constructor creates a UpdateCompletedEvent.

UpdateCompletedEvent (HPS.Event in_event)

This constructor converts an EventObject to an UpdateCompletedEvent object.

Param in_event

The EventObject to be converted.

UpdateCompletedEvent (HPS.UpdateCompletedEvent in_that)


HPS.Window.UpdateStatus update_status { get; set; }
double update_time { get; set; }