class HPS.TimerTickEvent : public HPS.Event

The TimerTickEvent class is the event that will be triggered for each timer tick.

Public Functions

override HPS.Event Clone ()

Allocates and returns a copy of this TimerEvent.


A copy of this TimerEvent.

override void Dispose ()
override bool Drop (HPS.Event in_that_event)

Determines if this TimerTickEvent can be drop in favor of the following time tick event.

Param in_that_event

Event to compare with this TimerTickEvent.


true if this event can be dropped, false otherwise.

override IntPtr Freshen ()

This optional function is used to determine if the current event can be dropped in favor of newer event of the same type if one is available.


A cookie representing the freshen category. Zero indicates a non-freshening event.

TimerTickEvent ()

The default constructor creates a TimerTickEvent object.

TimerTickEvent (HPS.Event in_event)

This constructor converts an EventObject to a TimerTickEvent object.

Param in_event

The EventObject to be converted.

TimerTickEvent (HPS.TimerTickEvent in_that)