class HPS.TextInputEvent : public HPS.Event

The TextInputEvent class is the event that is generated when an application receives text input

Public Functions

override HPS.Event Clone ()

Allocates and returns a copy of this TextInputEvent.


A copy of this TextInputEvent.

override void Dispose ()
bool Equals (HPS.TextInputEvent in_that)

Check if the source object is equivalent to this object.


true if the objects are equivalent, false otherwise.

override bool Equals (Object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
TextInputEvent ()

The default constructor creates a TextInputEvent.

TextInputEvent (HPS.Event in_event)

This constructor converts an EventObject to a TextInputEvent object.

Param in_event

The EventObject to be converted.

TextInputEvent (HPS.TextInputEvent in_that)
TextInputEvent (string in_text)

This constructor creates a TextInputEvent object for a given text string.

Param in_text

Text associated to this TextInputEvent.


string text { get; set; }

Public Static Functions

bool operator!= (HPS.TextInputEvent a, HPS.TextInputEvent b)
bool operator== (HPS.TextInputEvent a, HPS.TextInputEvent b)