class HPS.InputEvent : public HPS.Event

The InputEvent class is the base class for input events such as MouseEvent, TouchEvent, and KeyboardEvent. It contains functionality which is common to all input event types, namely the state of modifier keys.

Subclassed by HPS.KeyboardEvent, HPS.MouseEvent, HPS.TouchEvent

Public Functions

override HPS.Event Clone ()

Allocates and returns a copy of this InputEvent.


A copy of this InputEvent.

override void Dispose ()
bool Equals (HPS.InputEvent in_that)

Check if the source object is equivalent to this object.


true if the objects are equivalent, false otherwise.

override bool Equals (Object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
HPS.ModifierKeys GetModifierKeys ()

Queries which modifier keys are active


A ModifierKeys object, which represents which modifier keys are active

InputEvent ()

This constructor creates a default InputEvent object.

InputEvent (HPS.InputEvent in_that)
InputEvent (HPS.ModifierKeys in_modifiers)

This constructor creates a new InputEvent with the specified modifier keys initialized.

Param in_modifiers

The modifier keys associated with the new Event.


HPS.ModifierKeys ModifierKeyState { get; set; }

Public Static Functions

bool operator!= (HPS.InputEvent a, HPS.InputEvent b)
bool operator== (HPS.InputEvent a, HPS.InputEvent b)