class HPS.HTML : public IDisposable

The HTML class contains objects used for exporting Communicator powered HTML files.

Public Functions

void Dispose ()
HTML (HPS.HTML in_that)
class File : public IDisposable

The File class provides functions to export HTML files.

Public Functions

void Dispose ()
File (HPS.HTML.File in_that)

Public Static Functions

void Export (HPS.KeyPath in_key_path, string in_file_name, string in_template_name)

Performs an synchronous export of the specified HTML file with the provided template. May throw an IOException if a problem occurs during export.

Param in_key_path

The KeyPath containing the data to export.

Param in_file_name

The name of the file to write the HTML data to. This filename should be a fully-qualified path, otherwise the export may fail.

Param in_template_name

The name of HTML template to use during export.