class HPS.FontInfoState : public HPS.Object

The FontInfoState class is a user space object, useful for carrying a group attribute settings.

Public Functions

void Assign (HPS.FontInfoState in_that)

Copies the source FontInfoState into this FontInfoState.

Param in_that

The source LocatorState to copy.

override void Dispose ()
override bool Empty ()

Indicates whether this object has any values set on it.


true if no values are set on this object, false otherwise.

bool Equals (HPS.FontInfoState in_kit)

Check if the source FontInfoState is equivalent to this object.

Param in_kit

The source FontInfoState to compare to this object.


true if the objects are equivalent, false otherwise.

override bool Equals (Object obj)
FontInfoState ()

Initializes an empty State.

FontInfoState (HPS.FontInfoState in_kit)

Copies the kit in_kit into this kit.

override int GetHashCode ()
string GetName ()

Gets the name of this font.


The name of the font in UTF8 format.

bool GetShellConvertibility ()

Gets the shell convertibility of this font. This determines whether or not the font can be converted into a Visualize shell.


A reference to this object.

override HPS.Type ObjectType ()

This function returns the type the object, as declared (if the object is derived, this does not give the true type of the derived object).


The declared type of the object in question, which may differ from the true, underlying type.

void Set (HPS.FontInfoState in_kit)

Copies the source FontInfoState into this object.

Param in_kit

The source object to copy.

void Show (out HPS.FontInfoState out_kit)

Copies this object into the given FontInfoState.

Param out_kit

The FontInfoState to populate with the contents of this object.

bool ShowSystemName (out string out_name)

Shows the system name for this font.


true if the system name is available, false otherwise.

Public Static Functions

bool operator!= (HPS.FontInfoState a, HPS.FontInfoState b)
bool operator== (HPS.FontInfoState a, HPS.FontInfoState b)