class HPS.Exchange.BIMRelationship : public HPS.Sprocket

BIM relationship

Public Functions

BIMRelationship ()

The default constructor creates an empty BIMRelationship object.

BIMRelationship (HPS.Exchange.BIMRelationship in_relationship)

The copy constructor creates a new BIMRelationship object that is associated with the same data as the source BIMRelationship.

Param in_relationship

The source BIMRelationship to copy.

bool Equals (HPS.Exchange.BIMRelationship in_relationship)

Check if the source BIMRelationship is equivalent to this BIMRelationship.

Param in_relationship

The source BIMRelationship to compare to this BIMRelationship.


true if the objects are equivalent, false otherwise.

HPS.Exchange.BIMRelationshipEntity[] GetRelatedEntities ()

Get an array of related BIMRelationshipEntity.


an array of BIMRelationshipEntity acting as related in the BIMRelationship.

HPS.Exchange.BIMRelationshipEntity GetRelatingEntity ()

Get the relating BIMRelationshipEntity.


the RelatingshipEntity acting as relating in the BIMRelationship.

HPS.Exchange.BIMRelationshipType GetType ()

Get the type of this BIMRelationship.


the BIMRelationshipType of this BIMRelationship.

override HPS.Type ObjectType ()

This function returns the type the object, as declared (if the object is derived, this does not give the true type of the derived object).


The declared type of the object in question, which may differ from the true, underlying type.