class HPS.EventNotifier : public HPS.Object

The EventNotifier class is a smart pointer that is associated with an event object. It is a special type of control that is used for synchronizing with an event’s completion.

Public Functions

void Assign (HPS.EventNotifier in_that)

Share the underlying smart-pointer of the EventNotifier source.

Param in_that

The EventNotifier source of the assignment.

override void Dispose ()
EventNotifier ()

The default constructor creates an EventNotifier object not associated with any event.

EventNotifier (HPS.EventNotifier in_that)

The copy constructor creates a new EventNotifier that is associated with the same event as the source EventNotifier.

Param in_that

The source EventNotifier to copy.

override HPS.Type ObjectType ()

This function returns the type the object, as declared (if the object is derived, this does not give the true type of the derived object).


The declared type of the object in question, which may differ from the true, underlying type.

HPS.Event.Status Status ()

Query the status of the event for this notifier.


The current state of the event.

HPS.EventNotifier Wait ()

Cause this thread to sleep until the event for this notifier has been handled.


A reference to this EventNotifier.