class HPS.DriverEventHandler : public HPS.Object

The DriverEventHandler class is the base class for driver event handlers. Custom driver event handlers should inherit from this.

Public Functions

override void Dispose ()
DriverEventHandler ()
DriverEventHandler (HPS.DriverEventHandler that)
delegate void DtorDelegate (IntPtr cPtr)
void Handle (HPS.DriverEvent in_event)

Function that gets triggered if this DriverEventHandler receives an event it is subscribed to. This should be overridden by subclasses of DriverEventHandler to perform any custom behavior. This will be called on the driver updater thread.

Param in_event

Event which was triggered.

override HPS.Type ObjectType ()

This function returns the type the object, as declared (if the object is derived, this does not give the true type of the derived object).


The declared type of the object in question, which may differ from the true, underlying type.