class HPS.DrawWindowEvent : public HPS.DriverEvent

The DrawWindowEvent class is the event generated when the driver draws the window background for each subwindow.

Public Types

enum BackgroundTextureFormat

Enumerates the various texture formats supported by the DrawTexturedBackground function .



Handle to single GL_RGBA format texture.


Same as RGBA but with swapped red and blue channels.


Handle to single OES_EGL_image_external texture.


Pointer to array of two texture handles for a YCbCr texture pair (For OpenGL ES, the formats should be GL_LUMINANCE and GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA. For Metal, the formats should be MTLPixelFormatR8Unorm and MTLPixelFormatRG8Unorm).

Public Functions

override void Dispose ()
void DrawTexturedBackground (IntPtr in_texture, HPS.DrawWindowEvent.BackgroundTextureFormat in_format, HPS.MatrixKit in_matrix, HPS.IntRectangle in_extent)

Function for drawing a platform-specific texture in place of the normal window background.

Param in_texture

The platform-specific texture handle(s)

Param in_format

The format of the texture(s) provided through the ‘in_texture’ parameter.

Param in_matrix

A transformation to apply to the uv coordinates used to draw the texture to the window.

Param in_extent

The screen extent for the window background to be drawn.

DrawWindowEvent ()
DrawWindowEvent (HPS.DrawWindowEvent in_that)
DrawWindowEvent (IntPtr in_nr)
new IntPtr GetClassID ()


HPS.IntRectangle Extent { get; set; }