class HPS::Parasolid::Factory : public HPS::Sprocket

The Factory class is used to create Parasolid objects which inherit from HPS::Component or one of its subclasses.

Public Static Functions

static CADModel CreateCADModel(Model const &in_model = HPS::Factory::CreateModel())

Creates a new Parasolid::CADModel.


in_model – The Model associated with the Parasolid::CADModel.

static Component CreateComponent(HPS::Component const &in_owner, HPS::Component::ComponentType in_type, ParasolidEntity in_entity = 0)

Creates a new Parasolid::Component as a subcomponent of a given Component.

static Component DeInstanceComponent(ComponentPath const &in_component_path)

Returns the component at whose level changes can be made without influencing other instances of the same component. For Parasolid components this function is only meaningful when in_component_path contains at least one component of type ParasolidInstance or ParasolidTopoBody. If none of these types are present in in_component_path a warning will be logged and an empty component will be returned.


in_component_path – The ComponentPath to operate on.


The newly de-instanced Component.