class HPS::Exchange::STEP

The Exchange::STEP class is a concept class for STEP-related enums.

Public Types

enum Field

Enumerates the field from which to get the name for a product occurrence on import of a STEP file.


enumerator ProductName

Get the name from from the PRODUCT field (A3DRWParamsStepData::m_bPreferProductName = true).

enumerator NextAssemblyUsageOccurrenceID

Get the name from the first field of NEXT_ASSEMBLY_USAGE_OCCURRENCE (kA3DStepNameFromNAUO_ID).

enumerator NextAssemblyUsageOccurrenceName

Get the name from the second field of NEXT_ASSEMBLY_USAGE_OCCURRENCE (kA3DStepNameFromNAUO_NAME).

enumerator NextAssemblyUsageOccurrenceDescription

Get the name from the third field of NEXT_ASSEMBLY_USAGE_OCCURRENCE (kA3DStepNameFromNAUO_DESCRIPTION).

enum Format

Enumerates the format to use when exporting a STEP file.


enumerator AP203

The AP 203 STEP format (kA3DStepAP203).

enumerator AP214

The AP 214 STEP format (kA3DStepAP214).

enumerator AP242

The AP 242 STEP format (kA3DStepAP242).