class HPS::Exchange::ProE

The Exchange::ProE class is a concept class for ProE-related enums.

Public Types

enum ConstructionEntities

Enumerates how to import Construction Entities.


enumerator On

Import construction entities.(A3DProEReadConstructEntities_Yes).

enumerator Off

Do not import construction entities.(A3DProEReadConstructEntities_No).

enumerator AsDatum

Use the datum setting to determine whether to import construction entities.(A3DProEReadConstructEntities_AsDatum).

enum FamilyTable

Enumerates how to import Family Tables.


enumerator BRepOnly

Use BRep available in Accelerator files (.xpr and .xas), if available.(A3DProEFamTabAcceleratorFileOnly).

enumerator BRepOrTessellation

Use BRep available in Accelerator files (.xpr and .xas), if available. If BRep is not available use tessellation, when available(A3DProEFamTabOrUseTessellation).

enumerator BRepOrTessellationOrGeneric

Always import, even if no tessellation and no BRep is available, in which case a wire generic entity will be imported.(A3DProEFamTabOrUseWireAndGeneric).

enum SessionColor

Enumerates what colors should be used for PMI in Wildfire files which have no color.


enumerator LastCreoVersion

Use the default session color for the latest version of Creo supported by Exchange (kA3DLastCreoVersionSessionColor).

enumerator ExchangeDefault

Use the default session color for Exchange (kA3DHExchangeSessionColor).

enumerator UserDefined

Use the default PMI color specified in the import options (kA3DFileVersionSessionColor).