Detailed Description

struct A3DProjectPointCloudOptionsData

A3DProjectPointCloudOptionsData structure.



Public Members

A3DBool m_bUseExactComputation

Flag to use exact topology.

When this flag is false, the algorithm drops the point cloud on the faceted geometry, otherwise, the exact topology is used.

A3DUns32 m_uNbThreads

Number of threads wanted.

0 means non multi-threaded. Please avoid setting a number of threads larger than the number of CPU cores.

A3DDouble m_dInsidePointEdgeTolerance

Tolerance used to check if the projection point which is inside a face is on edge.

If not set (0.), default value is 1.e-3. Must be positive.

A3DBool m_bUseProbe

Considers solutions on a sphere centered on the point to project.

Default value is A3D_FALSE. (inactive).

A3DDouble m_dProbeRadius

Radius of the probe.

Must be set if m_bUseProbe is set to A3D_TRUE. Must be positive and greater than zero (>0.) .

A3DBool m_bPreferFaceTowardScan


Prefer solution on face with normal at the projected point is pointing toward from the scanner when there are two solutions on different faces at the m_dTolForPreferFaceTowardScan distance. Default value is false (inactive). If m_bPreferFaceTowardScan is set to A3D_TRUE, and m_bUseProbe is set to A3D_FALSE, input data points of A3DProjectPointCloud3 function must contain normal points. If m_bPreferFaceTowardScan is set to A3D_TRUE, and m_bUseProbe is set to A3D_TRUE, input data points of A3DProjectPointCloud3 must only contain points. In this last case, normals are defined like direction from projected point to center of probe (input point).

A3DDouble m_dTolForPreferFaceTowardScan

If m_bPreferFaceTowardScan is A3D_TRUE, and projection points are under this tolerance value, we prefer the face toward solution.

If projection point is outside this tolerance the nearest solution is returned. Default is 0.