Detailed Description

struct A3DMiscCascadedAttributesData

Describes inheritable properties of a model file node (A3DMiscCascadedAttributes)

In the context of A3DMiscCascadedAttributes, an attribute is a ProductOccurrence-level configuration that affects the visibility of the product occurrence.



m_bShow and m_bRemoved both trigger the direct visibility of the object in a render scene. Yet while m_bShow only sets whether it is hide or shown, m_bRemoved is used to actually express its removal from the model file.

Objects can be organized by assigning them into layers. All the items inside a same layer are treated as a group. A layer is a numeric identifier which is set with m_usLayer. Treatments can be applied on a model file with restrictions on layers using an A3DAsmFilter entity. When no specific layer is set, m_usLayer can be A3D_DEFAULT_LAYER.

The m_sStyle structure is used to fully describe the rendering style of the object, including colors, line patterns and materials.

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Attributes inheritance

In the context of a model file node hierarchy, cascaded describes the way and application using HOOPS Exchange will resolve conflicting attributes. Attributes are propagated downstream, from parent to children nodes, according to specific inheritance rules. Although properties propagation can be manually applied if those rules are known, HOOPS Exchange provides A3DMiscCascadedAttributesPush as a convenience function.

Public Members

A3DBool m_bShow

Sets whethers the object is dhown (A3D_TRUE) or hidden (A3D_FALSE)

A3DBool m_bRemoved

If true, the object or its reference has been removed from the model file.

A3DUns16 m_usLayer

Layer identifier. Can be A3D_DEFAULT_LAYER

A3DGraphStyleData m_sStyle

Style to use for the object.

A3DRiCoordinateSystem *m_pCoordinateSystem

Reserved for future use.