struct A3DGraphTextureTransformationData

Texture Transformation Structure.

The library supports 2D texture transformations. It does not currently support 3D texture transformations.



The matrix is always an array of 16 doubles.

Rotation around x: matrix[0], matrix[1], matrix[2]

Rotation around y: matrix[4], matrix[5], matrix[6]

Rotation around z: matrix[8], matrix[9], matrix[10]

Translation(x,y,z): matrix[12], matrix[13], matrix[14]

Public Members

A3DBool m_bTextureFlipS

Inverts the S coordinate parameter.

A3DBool m_bTextureFlipT

Inverts the T coordinate parameter.

A3DDouble m_dMatrix[16]

Coordinates of the matrix, which are described in the Detailed Description for this structure.

A3DBool m_bIs2D

Indicates that matrix_transformation contains only 2D terms; always true in this version.