Detailed Description

struct A3DFRMFeatureData

Structure for all feature information: type, data, connection, access to sub features.

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Public Members

A3DFRMTypeData m_sType

Feature type.

A3DUns32 m_uiParametersSize

Number of parameters.

A3DFRMParameter **m_ppParameters

Array of parameters.

EA3DFRMDataType m_eDataType

Type of the data, if it’s kA3DFRMDataNone, no data is directly associated to the feature; else use A3DFRMDoubleDataGet, A3DFRMIntegerDataGet or A3DFRMEnumDataGet.

to access to the data according the type

A3DUns32 m_uiConnectionSize

Number of connections.

A3DFRMLinkedItem **m_ppConnections

Array of connections, to the geometry, to other feature, to pmi…

A3DBool m_bIsNode

TRUE if the feature corresponds to a node in the cad tree.

A3DBool m_bIsSubTree

TRUE if the feature corresponds to a sub tree in the cad tree.