Surfaces Module

Parent module: Geometry Module

group a3d_srf

Creates and accesses entities that represent geometric surfaces.

Geometric surfaces (A3DSurfBase) are a mandatory part of the topology construct that is represented by an A3DTopoBrepData entity.

All surfaces are defined as follows:

  1. Define the canonical form of the whole surface.

  2. Define the actual parameterization and the portion of surface (trimming information) (A3DUVParameterizationData).

  3. Define the orientation and scaling of the curve using a Cartesian transformation. The transformation cannot specify mirror or non-uniform scaling transformations (see A3DMiscCartesianTransformationData).


NURBS Surface (the base surface entity)

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfNurbs .

Spherical Surface

Spherical Surface

Cylindrical Surface

Cylindrical Surface

Toric Surface

Toric Surface

Revolution Surface

Revolution Surface

Extrusion Surface

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfExtrusion .

Offset Surface

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfOffset .

Plane Surface

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfPlane .

Blend Surface Type 1

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfBlend01 .

Blend Surface Type 2

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfBlend02 .

Blend Surface Type 3

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfBlend03 .

Conic Surface

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfCone .

Cylindrical-Space Surface

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfCylindrical .

Ruled Surface

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfRuled .

Pipe Surface

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfPipe .

Transform Surface

Transform Surface

From Curves Surface

Entity type is kA3DTypeSurfFromCurves .