PointSet Representation Item

Parent module: Representation Items Module

group a3d_ripointset

An A3DRiPointSet is a set of 3D points.

When the A3DRiPointSetGet function populates an A3DRiPointSetData structure, it allocates arrays of coordinates. When you no longer need the A3DRiPointSetData structure, invoke the A3DRiPointSetGet function with the first argument set to NULL to free its allocated memory.

Sample code
A3DInt32 iErr = A3D_SUCCESS;
A3DRiPointSet pA3DRiPointSet = NULL;

/* Should call something here in order to get a valid A3DRiPointSet */

A3DRiPointSetData sData;
iErr = A3DRiPointSetGet( pA3DRiPointSet , &sData );
if ( iErr == A3D_SUCCESS )
    for (A3DUns32 ui=0;ui<sData.m_uiSize;ui++)
        /* Insert here your own code to use PointSet data : sData.m_pdX[ui], sData.m_pdY[ui], sData.m_pdZ[ui] */
    iErr = A3DRiPointSetGet( NULL, &sData );

Data Structures


PointSet structure.



Populates the A3DRiPointSetData structure.


Creates an A3DRiPointSet from an A3DRiPointSetData structure.


Replaces the old data of an A3DRiPointSet with the new A3DRiPointSetData structure.