Representation Items Module

Parent module: Entity Access and Creation

group a3d_repitem

Creates and accesses entities that represent Representation items.

Representation item entities define individual objects that are present in a CAD file, such as a bolt, wheel, or table leg.

Multiple representation items are contained within a part definition, which scales and positions the representation items within a 3D space. The result is a 3D part that can be assembled into higher level product occurrences, such as an engine part, car, or table.

An A3DRiRepresentationItem contains a local A3DRiCoordinateSystem. The A3DRiCoordinateSystem coordinate system is expressed relative to the parent product occurrence’s coordinate system (A3DAsmProductOccurrence).

All representation item entities inherit the A3DRiRepresentationItem base class.


Drawing Block

Creates and accesses entities that contain graphics entities.

Representation Item Base

Representation Item Base

Set Representation Item

This entity is a logical grouping of other representation items.

PointSet Representation Item

An A3DRiPointSet is a set of 3D points.

Direction Representation Item

Direction Representation Item

Coordinate System Representation Item

An axis system.

Curve Representation Item

An A3DRiCurve is a representation item that contains a geometrical curve.

Plane Representation Item

An A3DRiPlane is a representation item that contains a A3DTopoBrepData made of one single planar face.

BrepModel Representation Item

An A3DRiBrepModel is a representation item that contains a topological Boundary Representation.

PolyBrepModel Representation Item

An A3DRiPolyBrepModel is a representation item that contains only a tessellation of a solid or a surface.

PolyWire Representation Item

An A3DRiPolyWire is a representation item that contains a polywire.