Global Data Module

Parent module: Entity Access and Creation

group a3d_global_data_module

Accesses global definitions used by all PRC entities.

This module defines the data for commonly used attributes, such as colors, textures, materials, and patterns. Global data is stored in the session’s global memory, separate from the A3DAsmModelFile. Global data can be accessed independently from A3DAsmModelFile. Therefore, you can access colors, textures, materials, and patterns that may or may not be used by the entities that are used in an A3DAsmModelFile. All these global arrays are filled when reading the PRC physical file and optimized to save place. For instance, if two entities uses the same color definition (same triplet RGB), only one color will be stored in the array.

Data Structures


Global data structure.



Gets the global object A3DGlobal .


Populates the A3DGlobalData structure.


Determines whether the data at the index uiIndexMaterial in the global array of materials is an A3DGraphTextureApplication or an A3DGraphMaterialData .


Gives the FillPattern type of the uiIndexPattern index in the global array of fill patterns.